Ozone Action Day Alerts

What is it?

An Ozone Action Day alert is an email or text notification that is sent out when the air (ozone) pollution is predicted to reach unhealthy levels the next day. Parents, teachers, school administrators, nurses, and anyone else can sign up to receive email and/or text message alerts from the Alamo Area Council of Governments for Ozone Action Days. 

Click here for more information on what ozone is, how it affects our health, and how to reduce ozone pollution

Why should I do it?

When alerted of an Ozone Action Day, parents can take steps to reduce their child’s exposure to harmful air pollutants, such as reducing their child’s time spent outdoors, taking frequent breaks and monitoring their breathing, or changing their outdoor time to the morning, before much ozone has had a chance to form. 

How do I sign up?

Anyone can sign up for AACOG News Flashes to receive Ozone Action Day notifications, and it takes less than ninety seconds! Go to aacog.com/list.aspx and input your preferred email address. Select whether you would prefer to receive email notifications, text notifications, or both. Then scroll down to “News Flash” and find the list name entitled “Ozone Action Day Alerts”. Click the email icon to sign up for email alerts, then AACOG will immediately send you an email to confirm your subscription. Simply click on the link in the email to confirm. If you prefer to receive text message alerts, click on the phone icon and input your cellphone number.