What is vanpooling?
 Vanpooling is like carpooling, except that it involves more people in a vehicle with a larger number of seats than a typical passenger car – typically 5-15 passengers. 

Why should I do it?
Vanpoolers can drastically cut the cost of their commute. According to the VIA Vanpool Service webpage, vanpooling costs between $50 and $150 per month. In comparison, the average 20 mile round-trip commute in a single occupancy vehicle costs $216 per month – more if you drive a vehicle with lower fuel economy or have a longer commute. Vanpooling also eliminates the stress of fighting traffic every day, and allows you to commute without being beholden to a bus schedule. And, as with carpooling, individuals who log their vanpooling trips through NuRide will receive rewards for taking a greener ride! 

How do I sign up for a vanpool?
 For more information, Bexar County residents may contact the VIA Metropolitan Transit’s Vanpool Service at (210) 362-2555, send an e-mail message, or visit the VIA Vanpool Service webpage. If you are an employer and would like to organize a vanpool service to your business, please contact Lily Lowder via phone at (210) 362-5277 or email