Commute Solutions for Employers

Commute Solutions can help employers enhance their existing benefits package by implementing a Commuter Benefits Program – an employer-provided program that encourages employees to take alternative transportation to and from work. All of Commute Solutions’ services to employers are free, including personalized consultations to help employers implement and troubleshoot their programs; informative materials such as sample forms, promotional items, and educational pamphlets; provider information for transit operators, benefit vendors, and other useful contacts; and the Commuter Benefits Guide that provides employers step-by-step instruction on how to implement a Commuter Benefits Program. 

Why should I do it?

Reduced cost and tax savings
Thanks to commuter tax benefits, employees can reduce their commuting costs up to 40% for work-related vanpooling, public transit, or bicycling expenses. And employers spend less on parking, health claims, and state and federal taxes.
According to Center for Urban Transportation Research, businesses can reduce their payroll tax expenses by 7.65%, or up to $234 per participating employee. 

Recruitment and retention
Commuter benefits are a cost effective way to increase job satisfaction and recruitment. A 2011 Harris Interactive Poll for the Workplace Institute found that 1/3 of employees considered the commute when choosing a job and 48% said their commute had an impact on job satisfaction.

Many employee benefits are extremely costly to companies – health insurance, retirement, disability – but commuter benefits are cost-neutral in comparison. For companies that are losing potential employees to larger metropolitan areas or companies, commuter benefits can enhance your existing benefits package without affecting your bottom line. 

Recognition as a community leader
The most respected local businesses are those that serve their employees and their communities. Commuter benefits help make your business more environmentally friendly without additional expense. You may also become eligible for local and national awards, such as AACOG’s AIR Quality Stewardship Award and the National Standard of Excellence from the Center for Urban Transportation Research. Good deeds do not go unnoticed! 

If you’d like to find out more information about Commuter Benefits or would like some help implementing your own program, contact Lily Lowder.